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What are the Top Bookmakers around the World?

Take a virtual tour of the globe and come on a betting journey that will detail the best bookmakers by country. Here is your chance to see which brands are among the top and highest ranked in your area. You can also compare the leading bookies based on the traffic they get from residents of different nationalities.

Online betting and iGaming are a rather new phenomenon but gambling as a whole has been around for centuries even millennia. If you look at the history of bookmaking you will see that ancient gambling dates back to 3,000 BC. There were hardly any written laws back then but nowadays the situation is quite different. Overall, we can conclude that countries fall into three main categories regarding betting activities.

  • Countries that ban betting and gambling as a whole
    Whether it has to do with cultural, political or religious reasons some countries do not allow gambling on-land or online under any form. Places, where gambling is prohibited, are United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar and North Korea to name but a few.
  • Countries that allow gambling and iGaming
    These are the majority of countries around the globe. Betting sites are legit with or without a license and it is quite easy to obtain a permit for a land-based casino or betting shop. While the trend is currently shifting to more legalization, especially in Europe, such countries still predominate on the market.
  • Countries that have strict laws, rules, and regulations regarding gambling
    These are mostly western countries that pay special attention to responsible gambling, the legality of the matter and gambling addiction. They all allow only licensed betting sites to operate in their jurisdiction. Examples are the United Kingdom, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA and many more.

How to Check whether Online Betting Sites are Legal in your Country?

There are two ways to approach this problem. One is to look up information regarding gambling laws in your state. You can go to any government website and search for gambling-related pages. If there is an authority or a commission that deals with iGaming and e-betting, they should have a list with licensed bookmakers.

Another approach you can adopt is to open an account with a bookmaker of your choice. If they are banned from allowing customers from your country, you will either – a) not be able to access their site or b) not be able to register.

Interesting International and Local Betting Facts

  • Asian punters prefer to wager on cricket among all other sports.
  • The most popular sports event for betting in the USA is the Super bowl finals.
  • English kings in the past used to ban gambling as it led to violence.
  • Avid horse-racing bettors will be the only one to know that in British races, horses run in opposite direction of the horsed in American races.
  • Several years ago gambling in Finland was controlled by a government-owned association that taxed punters and gave all the money on healthcare.
  • The first ever online casino came online in 1996 and was based in Antigua.
  • Australia is the country that recently recorded the biggest gambling losses per resident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are only local betting sites allowed to operate in a given country?

Most countries adopt laws that allow international bookmakers to operate online.

What do I do if a bookmaker is banned from my country?

We advise you not to use HMA or other proxies as this will lead to complications. Even if you manage to sign up, you won’t be able to verify your account.

Can I bet on more than one betting site in my country?

You are free to open as many accounts as you like. Just remember to play responsibly and smart.

Are local betting sites better than international?

It all depends on the operators in question and the type of products they have to offer.

Katerina Gadzheva
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Katerina Gadzheva
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