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It is not only sports fans who need guidance when it comes to betting. Casinos are as much popular as sportsbooks. So we have compiled useful articles to help you learn the basics of casino games online. Read our tried and tested strategies and tips for a more responsible gambling experience.

Online bets are a way for you to find an enjoyable recreational activity. It gives avid fans a chance to support their favorite team or players by placing sports bets. In addition to the thrill you get out of punting, some fortunate bettors can also become more successful betting online. Actually, the team of professionals behind is here to help you in this endeavor. What we strive to do is provide you with a useful guide that will be of assistance to both pro and recreational punters alike. We have included in our virtual betting handbook lots of tips, strategies, and systems that will allow you to gain expertise in the world of gambling.

Why do I need a Betting Guide?

The idea of this guide came about out of our desire to help readers who look for ways to become more successful punters. As a result, our team of expert writers, tipsters, and bettors decided to share their know-how in an attempt to facilitate online betting for everyone. So starting with the basic betting terms, and then focusing on the odds, sports markets, and all aspects that make online bookmakers tick, we have covered all possible topics you might find interesting and useful. Before the articles reach our users, though, they undergo several stages of creation process.

Firstly, it all begins with thorough research on the subject. Not only do we analyze loads of information available online and in books, but we try to sort out the essential elements. Next comes the writing of the content, which is always accurate, up-to-date, and coherent. Our betting guide is supposed to be as readable and uncomplicated as possible. Lastly, we upload the content and present it in a visually appealing manner that will further boost user experience.

Who should read this Betting Guide?

Players who will find the articles here the most useful are beginner punters. This betting guide is perfect for novices who know very little about online gambling. It is unwise to think that luck alone is enough to make you score a profit. Punting, and especially betting on sports like football, for instance, has got much more to do with knowledge, skills, and dedication. So dedicate your time to gain the expertise needed. Our guide will help you on your way.

Although we are obviously targeting new bettors with little to no experience, profi punters are also welcomed. No player will be educated on all matters, so taking a look at our topics might benefit you as well. Still, for pros with a long track record, we recommend our Betting Strategies that will provide you with content more adapt to your level and skills. Read it through to get some extra tips on systems that have been tried and tested by real-life professional gamblers.

What are the benefits of reading the Betting Guide?

Nobody will waste their time perusing articles unless they will benefit the reader in one way or another. So, before you start scanning the contents of our Betting Guide, let us highlight a few of its advantages.

The guide will help you:
  • learn the basics of sports betting
  • find definitions of the most common betting terms and see how they work
  • see successful systems that are explained and exemplified
  • get to know interesting facts regarding the online gambling industry
  • find out how to use the most sought-after features in the bookmakers’ sites
  • read informative reviews that will assist you in your wagering

Do we plan to further develop the betting guide?

Even though the internet is full of sites that offer quick tips for sure payments, we advise you to beware of such brands. Nobody can guarantee successful betting and huge profits. Neither can we! What we do promise you is that our betting guide and all articles in it are thoroughly researched. So instead of wasting time compiling the information you need yourself, simply take advantage of our expertise and read on.

Finally, we would like to welcome all our readers who would want to give us some feedback, ask a question, or suggest a new topic for the guide to email us at and expect a response soon.

Teodor Todorov
Certified Betting Expert
Teodor Todorov
Teodor is a certified gambling & investment expert. He is the author of some of the most helpful reviews you will find on Silentbet.