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Welcome to the land of snake oilers, gunslingers, outlaws, and sheriffs in Pistoleras, a rousing wild west adventure. Join three feisty beauties as they take the law into their own hands in a five-reel, 25-payline video slot. Whether you’re shooting one back at the saloon or fighting your way through a standoff, Pistoleras promises you an adventurous, good time.

Pistoleras Theme

Join the three fiercest gunslingers in the wild west in this old-timey video slot. Though not as thematically immersive as other Microgaming slots, it remains beautiful with its Mexican-inspired wild west art and animations. The three deadly signoras look striking in their custom animations, especially on top of the sunset-like ombre background.

The background music is faint but brings the player to the heart of the saloon. Just don’t turn up your volume too loud, or you may get blasted by rocking western cords on big fun.

Type of Casino Game & Features

Pistoleras comes out guns-a-blazing with two scatters, a wild, a free spin multiplier, and an additional click and match bonus game. This video slot plays with lower volatility but makes up for it with a max payout of $110,000*. This can be achieved by placing a maximum bet on each of the 25 paylines and hitting it big in free spin multipliers and their enticing minigame.

RTP of Pistoleras

Pistoleras finds itself on the lower end of average with a return to player (RTP) of 95.6% with low volatility. Low volatility or variance means many small wins are scattered through your gameplay instead of fewer large hits. This slot offers a nice-sized maximum bet of 250 credits per spin, which can turn those smaller returns into a pretty penny.

Pistoleras Pros & Cons

This fierce trio of gunslingers has a lot to offer slot players. Though it isn’t the most modern slot around, Microgaming has a talent for making classics that stand the test of time. Check out some of the best features of Pistoleras to help you decide if these senoritas are right for you.

  • Pros
  • Fun animations
  • Wilds triple hits
  • Bonus game
  • Free spin reward multiplier
  • Cons
  • Quiet background music
  • Separate load time for the bonus game
  • Slow gameplay

Pistoleras Strategies

Pistoleras gameplay

You don’t need to rob a bank to earn your share of fun in Pistoleras, but you’ll need a bit of luck. The most lucrative standard symbol is the red-haired Pistoleras mascot. Finding her in your slot spins or minigame point and click will earn you the biggest reward. Triggering bonus spins with the scatter coach is another sure-fire strategy, although it’s a bit hard to enact.

The bonus game loads separately and brings you inside the saloon. The goal is to shoot the targets to uncover four matching Pistoleras, with the wild acting as a catch-all for any match. This saloon bonus is only achieved when matching three money bag scatters, as the scatter coach triggers free spins.

Additionally, any match made with a wild substitute will triple your returns. Truly, any combination with the special symbols will help you have fun in Pistoleras.

Demo Mode or Play-For-Real Mode?

Like most slots, there is little difference between demo mode and play for real. Coins turn into cash, and game history becomes available to track. It’s a fun game in both versions, offering enough to keep casual players satisfied and welcome experienced gamblers with their rewards.

Can I Play Pistoleras on Mobile?

Like many Microgaming games, Pistoleras was made with mobile browser play in mind. Although no additional mobile app for iOS or Android is available, it’s easily played through any mobile browser on any phone or tablet. With fewer animations and a simple background, the game is perfect for mobile play. Be aware that slow load times may occur during the transition from slot to the bonus game.


What is the RTP/volatility of this slot?

Pistoleras is a low volatility/variance slot with an RTP of 95.6%.

Where can I find Pistoleras?

Pistoleras is available for free to play on mobile and desktop browsers at Silentbet.com.

Do I need to download this slot?

No, Pistoleras plays for free with no download on your mobile or desktop browser. Play for free right here on Silentbet.

Who is the software supplier of Pistoleras?

Microgaming created this slot in 2015; even though it’s a bit dated, it remains popular today.

Do I need an account to play Pistoleras?

Pistoleras can be played for fun with no registration needed at Silentbet, but personal information and bank details may be required in play for cash modes.


Pistoleras is a bit simple for our tastes, and the click-and-point bonus game could use a bit of spice. Still, it remains a solid and enjoyable slot for new and old players alike. It’s friendly for play-for-fun and pay-to-play users, making it a solid recommendation for any slot list. The Pistoleras will treat you to a fun time, no matter how you choose to spin.

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